Floating Dinner Cruise

Eat your meal

Cruising through the beautiful city of Amsterdam towards three unique restaurants to have a meal there, are you in ?

€ 94, 50 per person

Floating Dinner Cruise

Cruising through Amsterdam towards lovely restaurants in Amsterdam to have a three menu course in three different and unique restaurants. 
The dinnercruise is canopied and in possesion of heaters. 
The locations of the three unique restaurants are secret for everybody. During the cruise, drinks and snacks are present. The snacks are brought, at the beginning of the cruise, by cutchery Pauw. 

If desired, we can change the program to a fully personolized program specially for you. 

- Transportation in an oldtimer. (retour) 
- Welcoming with coffee / tea and cake. 
- Shelock home city game Amsterdam with a tablet in a team. 


3 course menu + consumptions

3 visits to unique restaurants in Amsterdam